Unless otherwise stated, you are responsible for recognizing each prepared slide and parts if indicated.  Because slide quality varies, I suggest you study several of each slide.  On the slides:  “c.s.” or “x.s.” means cross section, “l.s.” means longitudinal section, and “w.m.” means whole mount.  A (D) after a slide name means that slide will be on demonstration; (FYI) means you may find it interesting, but you will not be responsible for it on the lab exam.  Be able to recognize macroscopic specimens (including those on demonstration), plus any listed parts.  The information and/or taxonomy for each specimen that is discussed in lecture may also be covered on the lab exams. 

 “L” = lab manual; “T” = text; “R” Rust lab manual (optional)

numbers following “L”, “T” and “R” refer to page numbers


1.   Introduction

2  Light Microscopy

3.   protozoa

4.   Porifera

5.   Cnidaria

6.   Platyhelminthes/Rotifera 

7.   Mollusca

8.   Annelida

9.  Nematoda

10. Arthropoda

11.   Echinodermata