Overview 59

Ascaris lumbricoides ova
Ascaris lumbricoides c.s. of male & femaleL61 Figs 9.7 and 9.8; R62 Figures 62e and 62f longitudinal muscles, pseudocoel, testis, ovary/oviduct, uterus, intestine

Ancylostoma caninum male R63 bursa, teeth

Ancylostoma caninum female R63 teeth

Trichinella spiralis adults

Trichinella spiralis encysted L62 Fig 9.10; T439 Fig 16.8a; R63

Enterobius vermicularis ova T443 Fig 16.10b

Enterobius vermicularis adults T443 Fig 16.10b

Wuchereria bancrofti larvae in blood (D)

dissection of male or female AscarisL60 and 61 Figs 9.2-9.6; R61 Figs 61a, 61b, 61c all parts on handout


Questions for your lab notebook:


What is the most important synapomorphy for Ecdysozoa?




Do Ascaris worms fit the pattern typical of parasites in that a large portion of their body cavity is devoted to reproductive structures?





What is the likely route for an infection by Trichinella spiralis?