Invertebrate Zoology Required Readings

On this page you will find articles which supplement the lectures and textbook.  This additional reading material may be covered on exams (see schedule for exam dates).  Links that you find inside the required readings are for clarification purposes only and will not be included on exams.  You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view some of these articles.  Click on the Acrobat reader icon to download the program. (Please remember, I will not provide hardcopies of the readings in class.)


1.       Introduction to Zoology and Evolution

o       Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution

o       Lamarck vs. Darwin

o       Origins of Life on Earth

o       Origins of Eukaryotic Cells

o       When Life Exploded

o    Mass Extinctions

o       Life in Freshwater

2.       Classification

o       ICZN

o       What is a species?

o       Third Branch of Life Bares Its Genes

3.       Protozoans

o   What are protists?

o   What Happened to the Stromatolites

o     Neurotoxins

o     Giardiasis

o      Amoeba Babies

o   Parasitism is the Most Popular Lifestyle on Earth

o       Malaria

4.      Animal Kingdom

o       Animal Origins – The Cambrian Explosion

o   The First Trilobites   

o Taxonomy of Selected Animal Phyla

o Movement and Support

o Phylum Loricifera  

5.    Porifera

o       How Old are the Sponges?

o      Evolution of Sponges

o       Fiber Optic Sponges

6.     Cnidaria and Ctenophora

o       Coral Reefs

o       Ocean Acidification and Reef-Building

o    Gonionimus

o       Some Coral Can Stand the Heat

o       Bioluminescence

7.   Platyhelminthes

  o      Swimmer’s Itch

o       Do Parasites Rule the World?

8.      Mollusca

o       Suspension Feeding

o      Randy Rotifers

o       Zebra Mussel

9.    Annelida

o      Segmetation and Classification of Annelids

o     Samoans Disappointed when Palolo Fail to Appear

o      Earthworms

o    Worms Discover a Feast in Watery Depths

o       Leeches and Science

10.      Nematoda

o      Eutely

o      Soil Nematodes

o      What do Worms in the Phylum Nematomorpha have in common with Alexander the Great and the Gordium Knot?

o     Michigan Researchers Battle Tiny Menace to Craft Beers

11.   Arthropoda

o       Evo-Devo

o      When Trilobites Ruled the World

o       Black Widow and Brown Recluse

o       The Cicadas are Coming

o       What do Dragonflies Eat?

o     Sacculina: A Highly Modified Parasite

12.   Echinodermata

o       Thorny Problem

o       Imperiled Sea Cucumbers

13.   Urochordata/Cephalochordata

o       Planktonic Tunicates

o       The Endostyle and the Vertebrate Thyroid Gland

14.  Miscellaneous Readings

o       Intracellular vs. Extracellular Digestion

o       Waste Products of Nitrogen Metabolism

o       Endangered Species

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