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Welcome to Invertebrate Zoology!
I have developed this course for those of you who love animal life. It's an opportunity to marvel at its astounding diversity: from the familiar to the bizarre, from the smallest to the largest, and from the slowest to the swiftest. I hope you will embrace invertebrate zoology not only for the fascination it holds, but also for the intellectual challenge it presents as we seek unity in all of the diversity.

The pre-requisites for this class are General Introduction to Biology I and II and the corresponding laboratories (Biology 1080, 1081, 1090, and 1091).  Please do not take this class without the proper pre-requisites!

This website was designed to help you focus on the important concepts and ideas that will be covered in class.  Use the resources on this site and the links to other sites to enhance your learning and appreciation of Invertebrate Zoology.  You will want to check here regularly for additional reading assignments (material that may be covered on lecture tests) and other relevant class information.  Although this site is intended to aid you in your studies, it cannot and should not be used as the ONLY resource to help you learn the material.  It is essential to your success that you attend every class having first read through the appropriate chapter in the text.  Form study/discussion groups with your classmates and debate the material; the better the debates the more you will learn.  After you feel comfortable with a topic, teach it to someone else.  This allows you to review the material and will help you score better on tests.  Most importantly, have fun with the material and this class – the more fun you make it, the better time you’ll have and the more you will learn.  Happy learning! 


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Course Syllabus

Contains class information and policies

Course Schedule

Tentative schedule of topics and test dates

Course Outline

A general outline of the material that we will cover in class

Additional Reading

Required additional reading (material may be covered on lecture tests)

Learning Styles

A brief web-based questionnaire to help you understand how you learn



Culture Project

Information on the lab culture project

Lab Assignments

Lab assignments to be completed during lab period

T. A. Information



Study Aids

Characteristics Form

Use this form to record the major characteristics of the phyla covered in class

Phyla Comparison Form

Use this table to compare the different phyla covered in class

Tips for Success

Hints on studying, evaluation of your progress, and getting help

Zoology Terminology

A quick reference list of important terminology used in this course

Greek & Latin Roots

An index of Greek and Latin root words, this will help you with taxonomy


Web Links

Interesting Websites

Links to interesting websites about zoology, not required viewing



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