Phylum Nematoda
Evolutionary Tree

Drawings and Photographs
      Nematode Eggs

Class Aphasmidea

    Anatomy and Life Cycle Drawings
        Trichuris trichiura
        Trichuris trichiura Life Cycle
        Trichinella sprialis
        Trichinella spiralis Life Cycle
Class Phasmidia

    Anatomy and Life Cycle Drawings
         Strongyloides stercoralis
         Strongyloides stercoralis Life Cycle

Hookworm Life Cycle
         Ascaris lumbricoides
         Ascaris Life Cycle

         Enterobius vermicularis
Enterobius vermicularis Life Cycle
         Anasakis Life Cycle

         Life Cycles of Filarial Worms


Discovery of Trichinella spiralis
Trichinella spiralis: Nurse Cell Formation
Rat Lungworm